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May 3, 2012:
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Despite humorous connotations, tanorexia may be a serious addictive disorder.

Treatment and diagnosis of tanorexia.

Tanorexia, though it may have comical aspersions, can have lasting negative consequences and may signify a deeper psychological issue such as depression or anxiety. Tanorexics may have some of the same body issues as anorexics or cosmetic surgery addicts, who can look in the mirror and never see themselves at their "ideal" appearance. The long term use of tanning sprays is not fully known, but long term exposure to UV rays from tanning booths as well as from direct sunlight is shown to cause skin cancer and early aging. In the media, "tanorexia" usually is a source for humor, given the extremes to which many people go to bronze or tan their skin so it may look unevenly dyed or far too dark to be attractive.

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Special note: A tanning addiction may be funny today, but melanoma can be life threatening if it spreads to other organs.